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I am currently a psychology intern as a part of a consortium (Tri-County Psychological Consortium Group) with focus on assessment and therapeutic interventions across the lifespan. I am a graduate with a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from Capella University. I am pursuing a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology also through Capella. My passion has always been to help individuals who are often overlooked such as older adults and young children, I feel more comfortable with this particular group and often feel that society tends to overlook these demographics. I have a Bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science and through achieving this accomplishment, I completed an undergraduate internship as an Exercise Intern at a cardiac rehab facility working with many patients who have had surgery due to heart disease. I have seen how exercises as well as the support of others in the facility have helped them in the recovery process. I look forward to assisting many multicultural individuals through the experience of assessments and therapy.

Mental health specialists deal with a lot more than just offering advice and support to those in need, I am very interested and looking forward to the overall impact that a psychologist has from the first meeting with a client to their last session to see how much progress has been made throughout treatment. I also look forward to learning how I can make steps to benefit me in the future in the profession.